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West Coast Decks formerly Decks by JRW uses only the finest building materials available for deck construction. It is for this reason that we Dunn Lumberuse Dunn Lumber in Bellevue as our primary supplier of materials. The Bellevue store is a member of the Dunn family of lumber stores, which includes 10 locations in the Puget Sound area. Family owned since 1907, Dunn Lumber is known throughout the industry for providing extremely high quality and “hard to find” lumber products. We may pay a little more for our materials but we feel the quality justifies the cost. Please feel free to visit Dunn Lumber (2350 140th Avenue NE in Bellevue) to view and discuss all the different types of building materials available for decks. In short, we insist on the finest products available for use on your deck. We only build 100-130 custom decks per year and guarantee that each of our customers are 100% satisfied.


The wood used in the framework of all West Coast Decks formerly Decks by JRW projects is called “ground contact” pressure treated wood. The framework is the skeleton of the deck (what holds everything up) and local building codes require the use of treated lumber in all frameworks. There has been a lot of discussion lately regarding pressure treated lumber and the products used to treat this lumber. Dunn Lumber supplies us with Natural Select Wolmanized treated lumber. This lumber uses a process known as CBA and does not contain any arsenic. This particular type of treated lumber is also the least corrosive to the metal connectors used in deck construction. All supporting footings are hand dug and poured with new concrete on site.

Decking Surfaces:

In today’s market, manufactured decking is, without a doubt, the most popular choice for consumers. There have been many technological advances made with these types of decking and railing materials over the past 15 years. The best news is that manufactured decking materials just keep getting better and better! The main thing to remember is that while these products are very durable and are usually less maintenance than a traditional wood deck, they are NOT bullet proof and still require diligent cleaning and some limited care.  Read more about different decking surfaces available.

Natural Decking Materials

Manufactured/Composite Decking


Deck Railings - West Coast DecksWest Coast Decks aka Decks by JRW offers many different railing materials and styles. Most of our wood railings are built with Western Red Clear cedar. Some other railing materials would include composites, aluminum, glass, pipe, cable and wrought iron. We are also finding that combining different materials (i.e., aluminum and wood, composites and wood, composites and aluminum, etc.) makes for a very attractive and low maintenance railing system.  Check out the many different railing styles on the Rail Styles page.

Waterproofing Membranes:

West Coast Decks formerly Decks by JRW uses a couple of different waterproofing membranes for decks that require a complete waterproof (solid) surface. These are usually decks over living areas or decks over a patio, both of which need to stay dry. Weatherdek Vinyl is a sheet material system glued down to a plywood subsurface and sealed at the seams via a heat weld. Gacoflex is a liquid applied, paint-on type product available in a variety of colors and textures.

Natural Decking Materials…

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