Natural Decking Materials

Western Red Tight Knot Cedar
The most popular decking product in the Northwest is Western Red tight knot cedar. A soft wood with natural beauty and an abundant supply. Most tight knot cedar is a harvested product with second and third growth trees reaching the market place. The most popular size for decking is 5/4 x 4. Requires a protective stain regularly. Also available in clear cedar (no knots).

West Coast Decks uses Products from Exterior Wood Inc.Outdoor Wood
Outdoor Wood is an appearance grade version of the pressure treated lumber used in the framework of the deck. This wood is hem-fir and is known for its durability and long life. This product requires a protective coating of water seal on a regular basis. The most popular size is 2 x 4. This product is used a lot on trellis work and overhead pergolas.

The hardwoods family include products such as Ipe, Ironwood and Mahogany. These exotic hardwoods are popular for their toughness and durability. They do require a maintenance program to keep them looking good. If a protective stain is not used, they simply turn an attractive silver color but still need to be cleaned to prevent algae growth.


Manufactured/Composite Decking Materials…


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